Ichicoro Ramen


We finally got the chance to stop in and try Ichicoro Ramen yesterday and it was incredible. We had a small cold front move through our area which allowed us to sit at the outside bar enjoying the cool breezes. My hubs had the local (Bradenton area) craft beer by Motorworks Brewing. I went for the Thunder Drake: made from jalapeno infused sake, lime, pineapple, and elderflower. I LOVE the kick that the jalapeno infused sake gave, with the sweetness of the pineapple, and the tanginess of the lime a delightful cocktail indeed.

We had not had lunch yet so we dove into the menu. Tom went for the Smoked Shredded Beef Rice Bowl which is “ropa vieja” style with gochujang, oshinko, grilled peepers, onions, and vegetable of the day. From the first bite he kept commenting how amazing everything tasted. Being the Fungi Lover that I am, I went for the Mushroom Ramen and all I can say is - it was absolutely incredible. Shoyu Tare, roasted mushroom broth, shiitake, kikurage, scallions, spinach, and black truffle butter. I ate ever bite and did not leave any broth in the bowl.

The overall size of the restaurant is smaller than we were expecting, and we found out that they do not take large groups, but do not let the size of the space fool you as the flavors are immense. This was a very quick visit, but they now have two fans for life. We look forward to returning very soon and trying every dish that they have on their menu.

Mata au made - また会うまで

Ichicoro Ramen is located at:

Seminole Heights
5229 N Florida Ave
Tampa, FL 33603

Rebecca Hagen